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How to keep your phone charges down overseas

International roaming made easier with travel cards and Wi-Fi apps. Image: pixabay.com

Smartphones are great – I don’t know what I would do without one, but when it comes to travelling overseas, the idea of taking a smartphone can be as scary as staying in a hostel from a horror movie. Continue reading

Mobiles, Wi-Fi adding stress to your holidays

Relax don’t text on your next holiday! Image: commons.wikimedia.com

Taking a break from work is important as it allows a person to rejuvenate their mind and bodie, however with today’s smartphones and easily accessible Wi-Fi, it seems like travellers are packing their work along with their toothpaste when going on holidays. Continue reading

Business is looking up for hoteliers in 2013

Travel review site are helping drive sales. Image: TripAdvisor

2013 is proving to be a great year for hoteliers with 68 percent of Australian accommodation owners being optimistic about the year being profitable. To help increase their bookings, properties are offering free Wi-Fi (50 percent), special offers (47 percent) and discounts on rooms (40 percent).

Continue reading

Canadians vote for their favourite hotel amenities

43 percent of Canadians appreciated complimentary water at hotels. Image: dreamstime.com

Carrying out a survey in January 2013 of over 8,600 travellers from all over the world, Hotels.com revealed what the average Canadian guest is looking for when choosing where to stay on their holidays. Continue reading

What’s hot and what’s not for today’s Singaporean hotel guests

Breakfast anyone? Image: flickr.com

In order to entice travellers to stay at their properties, hotel companies are introducing services that range from the necessary to the pointless, so as to please every taste and potential wild request. Continue reading