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Located in both Westfield Pitt St Mall food courts as well as other locations

Usually when I come to SpudsnCrepes I get either the French Chicken Crepe or the Chicken and Avocado Spud, but this being a ‘try something new’ blog, I went for the Chilli Con Carne Spud, although minus the red beans. Continue reading

Mad Mex

Max Mex can be found in various locations around Australia, I had my lunch at Westfield Sydney Central Plaza, 450 George St, Sydney, NSW, 2000

When getting Mexican I usually go for the burrito, but this time, wanting to be different and all, I decided to try the Crispy Tacos.

And so I made my way to Mad Mex and joined the lunchtime queue where I debated a few more times with myself on whether I should go crispy or perhaps try the soft shells. Ultimately I decided to stick to my original plan as I figured that a soft shelled taco would be the same as a burrito, minus the ends being folded over.

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Luxe Bar and Moochi

Harbour Room, Westfield Bondi Junction
500 Oxford St, Bondi Junction, 2022

Luxe Bar has one of the prime spots in Westfield Bondi Junction: they are the ones you see before and after catching a movie and thus tempt you with a bottle of this or a plate of that, each and every time. Hearing great stories about their famous burgers, I thought it was time for me to go gourmet and order what sounded like the most delicious (and upperclass) burger that they had: the Truffle Burger.

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