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Love stories from 35,000 feet

When love’s too hard to find on the ground, look up! Image: Wego

For most flying is a monotonous occasion where there is little more to do than sleep, read or half watch a movie, however some were lucky enough to witness everything from proposals to serenades to pure coincidences that only cupid could concoct for a 12 hour flight. Continue reading

Life, death and beyond at 35,000 feet

Births are more common than deaths on flights…luckily?

Whilst for most the biggest surprise on an aeroplane consists of finding a piece of much craved chocolate as part of their meal, others are (un)lucky to come out with a book worthy story. Continue reading

Mile High sightings moving outside the lavatories

To join the Mile High Club, a little more effort is required.

Travellers are seeing more than just clouds at 35,000 feet, according to a new study, which found 15 percent of respondents from Asia Pacific claiming to have witnessed some form of sexual conduct on board an aircraft.

Continue reading