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The most talked about attraction in Australia is…

Some places are worth talking about. Image: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Are you being talked about? Is your attraction ranking up there with the big boys?

TripAdvisor has created a list of the most talked about Australian attractions based on the number of reviews submitted in 2012. Continue reading

Stumbling Upon Talent: Jack Man Friday

I’m going to admit that I’m not a music person. I mean, obviously I listen to music and I know who’s on the airwaves, but I don’t listen to the lyrics, I don’t go to gigs and music is not ‘my life’.

But there is something about that moment when you hear a musician for the first time and you know that you’ve stumbled upon something really special; in my case it was a busker named Jack Man Friday.

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Enjoy summer in the City

Enjoy some outdoor movies in the final summer days Image: moonlightcinema.com.au

As many flee the cities to enjoy beachside holidays, savvy travellers are taking advantage of city breaks over summer. Continue reading

Sydney Interactive Theatre

Setting the Scene

Imagine sitting at work doing some typing, or maybe washing some dishes in the kitchen, perhaps you were going for a run, before that fateful call comes through – Donnie and Rose have narrowly escaped being caught, as they were pulling off their final $50 million heist, by Tony the mobster and now Donnie is calling on you to help him reunite with his love and some hard-earned cash. Continue reading

The Rocks Walking Tours

The Tour Starts at Clocktower Square

As I was walking through The Rocks markets, I was drawn to a costumed man ringing a bell and reciting a portion of convict Australian history. The Rocks Walking Tour was about to start and I just couldn’t resist the thrill of stepping outside the growing smell of bratwurst and music from buskers, into a time that was both frightening and exciting. Continue reading