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How to make the most of a holiday

Make sure you keep note of where each photograph was taken before they all start to look the same. Image: fotopedia.com

There are times when the beach seems like just a place with sand and water and the people are all foreign to you. If you feel like this on a holiday you must remember two things: this beach is different and you are the foreigner. Here are some tips on how to ensure that each trip is special. Continue reading

REVEALED: Travellers want to use their mobile phones in-flight

Travellers want to use their smartphones at 35,000 feet. Image: pixabay.com

Attention airlines: the people have spoken and they want their phones back!

According to a recent study conducted by One Poll on behalf of AeroMobile, over 70 percent of the surveyed British travellers said that they would use their mobile phones in the air, if they could.

Continue reading

Nok Air’s raunchy calendar

The ladies pose for Nok Air. Image: Nok Air via Facebook

Thailand’s budget airline, Nok Air, has started a new marketing campaign – the Nok Air 2013 Calendar with a bikini clad lady to match each month. Continue reading

Cricket’s Aunty Becoming a Travel Writer: Content Part 1

This tutorial explains how to start writing and developing your ‘voice’ through rewriting news stories.

Becoming a Travel Writer

I have decided to share my journey of becoming a travel writer on YouTube!

Through little ‘tutorials’ I will cover content such as where to find good stories, who to speak to and where to go as well as how to market yourself through social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.