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ACA solves consumer airline disputes

Cancellation/ refund request was the top reason for customer complaints. Image: fotopedia.com

Since the advent of the budget carrier, travellers have struggled to decide whether they should spend a few extra dollars on full-service carriers or if they could do without the sandwich and inflight entertainment. Continue reading

Australia’s Top Secret Spot: Waterfall Gully, South Australia

Come face to face with a beautiful creature on your next trip. Image: South West Rocks Dive Centre

After receiving over 500 entries and thousands of votes, Hooroo has announced that Australia’s Top Secret Spot is Waterfall Gully in South Australia. Continue reading

The world’s most on-time airline is…

JAL named most punctual airline by FlightStats

The oneworld alliance has come out on top for the most on-time flights with its members collectively achieving a better score than other groups, receiving the Airline Alliance On-Time Performance Award for 2012. Continue reading

Man wears “prepare to die” t-shirt on Qantas flight

The T-shirt that intimidated passengers on Qantas flight

For some travelling on an aeroplane might be a difficult task in itself so let’s hope that there were no peanut rattling passengers on a recent Qantas flight that was boarded by a man wearing a t-shirt stating “prepare to die”.

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Qantas passengers share a flight with a snake

The snake battles with the flying kangaroo. Image: Fairfax Media Vision: Robert Webber

There are some films that will never be shown for your in-flight entertainment; movies that involve a plane crashing or in a hostage situation are quite high on the list and ‘Snakes on a Plane’ is undoubtedly not too far behind. Continue reading

$300k Aston Martin allegedly damaged at Qantas valet in Adelaide

Watch out James Bond, rats have taken an interest in Aston Martins! Image: AlBargan

Apparently our local rats have improved their tastes from old cheese to Aston Martins.

An Adelaide liquidator, Ian Lock, is alleging that his two week old, $300k, Aston Martin sustained $9000 worth of damage to its internal electronics system after Mr Locke left the vehicle with the Qantas valet service at Adelaide Airport on 16 August last year.

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Qantas leaves the American Staffordshire Terrier behind

Should some breeds be restricted from flying? Image: fotopedia

Qantas made headlines in 2012, there’s no doubt about it, and it looks like this year will be no different with the first mass complaint to the company: let the American staffies fly!

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