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How to make the most of a holiday

Make sure you keep note of where each photograph was taken before they all start to look the same. Image: fotopedia.com

There are times when the beach seems like just a place with sand and water and the people are all foreign to you. If you feel like this on a holiday you must remember two things: this beach is different and you are the foreigner. Here are some tips on how to ensure that each trip is special. Continue reading

Life changing travel experiences

You won’t see this big guy on any beach holiday… hopefully. Image: wikimedia.org

Beach holiday? Ski getaway? Shopping trip?

If the usual tourist trail is the last one that you want to follow then it’s time to put a bit of adventure into your next journey. Continue reading

Sheep in the running to win ultimate Norway getaway

The competition to win the ultimate Norwegian adventure. Image: visitnorway.com

If you want to win a trip to Norway, all you have to do is scream. Come on, even a sheep can do it! Continue reading

R&B star Rihanna in new Barbados tourism campaign

Enjoy the party and the sun in Barbados Image: Instagram

Not one to shy away from the media spotlight, R&B superstar Rihanna is putting her native Barbados back on the map with some sexy shots on the beach for their new campaign. Continue reading