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How to make the most of a holiday

Make sure you keep note of where each photograph was taken before they all start to look the same. Image: fotopedia.com

There are times when the beach seems like just a place with sand and water and the people are all foreign to you. If you feel like this on a holiday you must remember two things: this beach is different and you are the foreigner. Here are some tips on how to ensure that each trip is special. Continue reading

Aussies feel guilty about leaving pets behind

Making a good holiday photo album has never been easier. Image: lastminute.com.au

If going on holidays means crying over every Fido bowl you pass, then it’s time to look for pet friendly accommodation, as 46 percent of women admitted to feeling guilty about leaving their pet behind, whilst 38 percent of men weren’t too happy either. Continue reading

Modern day holidays: half the price and a free babysitter!

It’s time to add a few more characters to the holiday snaps. Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Wouldn’t it be nice to go on a holiday with all the comforts of home and even a babysitter included? How about if it also let you significantly cut down on the holiday spending? Well now you can by renting a holiday house and going away with … your mother? Continue reading

Planning a holiday is causing travellers stress

Kayak’s top 5 tips for reducing the stress factor whilst on holidays. Image: Kayak.co.uk

Whilst many go on holidays to relieve their stress, the process of planning the getaway can be a source of stress in itself. Continue reading

Mobiles, Wi-Fi adding stress to your holidays

Relax don’t text on your next holiday! Image: commons.wikimedia.com

Taking a break from work is important as it allows a person to rejuvenate their mind and bodie, however with today’s smartphones and easily accessible Wi-Fi, it seems like travellers are packing their work along with their toothpaste when going on holidays. Continue reading

Sydney most popular Aus destination over the holidays

Sydney leads Australia as the most popular holiday destination Image: Destination NSW

Sorry Melbourne, but according to leading travel and lifestyle site lastminute.com.au, Sydney was Australia’s most popular destination in terms of hotels bookings over the Christmas and New Year break. Continue reading

How to still be Stayin’ Alive in the Age of Apocalypses

The time has come to go to Vegas and visit the Heart Attack Grill Source: unica world

The funny thing about history is that no matter how long ago something happened, someone is sure to remember it centuries later. And so we have the Mayans, for example, mystics of the past – did they truly predict the end of the world, or did they simply run out of rock? Continue reading