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Will renting a holiday house enrich your next trip?

What will you wake up to on your next trip? Image: flickr.com

Travelling around Europe is a lot of fun – you get to stay in different places, meet lots of people and see and learn lots of exciting new things. Continue reading

Travellers choose cruising for its luxury and convenience

Cruisers travel to relax in luxury. Image: flickr.com

Australians are cruising more than ever and the industry’s attractiveness is set to rise, according to a new study. Continue reading

Heathrow’s visitor numbers increase, but whose complaining?

How efficient are major airports today? Image: tracygallagher.com

Heathrow has been a gateway to Europe for as long as  anyone can remember, but should it or even London be the first stop for Europe  travellers today or is a shift in the London mindset in order.According to recently released Heathrow Airport  statistics, the airport welcomed just under 70million passengers in 2012,  compared to 61.6million at Paris’s Charles de Gaulle and 57.5million at  Germany’s Frankfurt Airport. Continue reading