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North Korea’s tourists now allowed to keep personal mobile phones

North Korea stops bagging tourist’s phones. Image: Reuters.com

In the past, the few tourists who made it across the border into North Korea had their personal mobile phones confiscated upon arrival and left their rights to free information (via the internet) behind. Not so anymore.

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Travellers checking TripAdvisor content off-site

53 percent of travellers won’t book without a TripAdvisor review. Image: TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor has announced that over 300 million people per month view TripAdvisor content on sites other than TripAdvisor itself, which is double the amount of viewers registered in 2011. Continue reading

Mile High sightings moving outside the lavatories

To join the Mile High Club, a little more effort is required.

Travellers are seeing more than just clouds at 35,000 feet, according to a new study, which found 15 percent of respondents from Asia Pacific claiming to have witnessed some form of sexual conduct on board an aircraft.

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Qantas leaves the American Staffordshire Terrier behind

Should some breeds be restricted from flying? Image: fotopedia

Qantas made headlines in 2012, there’s no doubt about it, and it looks like this year will be no different with the first mass complaint to the company: let the American staffies fly!

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The Justice & Police Museum – Wicked Women by Rosemary Valadon

Corner Phillip and Albert Streets, Circular Quay

Crime and punishment have been taboo topics for as long as people have been starving and stealing bread. The Justice & Police Museum is a perfect place to explore Sydney’s hidden past and discover what methods have been used to establish justice and peace. The museum is part of the Historic Houses Trust and is only open on the weekends. Continue reading

The Rocks Walking Tours

The Tour Starts at Clocktower Square

As I was walking through The Rocks markets, I was drawn to a costumed man ringing a bell and reciting a portion of convict Australian history. The Rocks Walking Tour was about to start and I just couldn’t resist the thrill of stepping outside the growing smell of bratwurst and music from buskers, into a time that was both frightening and exciting. Continue reading

How to still be Stayin’ Alive in the Age of Apocalypses

The time has come to go to Vegas and visit the Heart Attack Grill Source: unica world

The funny thing about history is that no matter how long ago something happened, someone is sure to remember it centuries later. And so we have the Mayans, for example, mystics of the past – did they truly predict the end of the world, or did they simply run out of rock? Continue reading