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Located in both Westfield Pitt St Mall food courts as well as other locations

Usually when I come to SpudsnCrepes I get either the French Chicken Crepe or the Chicken and Avocado Spud, but this being a ‘try something new’ blog, I went for the Chilli Con Carne Spud, although minus the red beans. Continue reading


Coles is a major Australian supermarket chain that is located all over the country

As all travellers know, one of the cheapest places to get a good feed is at the good ol’ supermarket, and in Australia it is the same. Going so far as to say that this is cheaper than McDonalds and potentially twice the portion, make sure that you don’t walk past this not-so-secret place if you are in need of some cheap, although greasy, food. Continue reading

Charcoal Charlie’s

149 Bondi Rd Bondi NSW 2026

149 Bondi Road, Bondi, NSW

Charcoal Charlie’s. I think I’ve been coming back to this place for something like a decade and the only thing to have changed is the brand new addition of a coffee machine.

When I walked in today I received a very warm welcome that, dare I say, is quite unusual for a chicken shop. It wasn’t a ‘hello’ or a ‘what can I get for you’, it a sunny smile that made me feel like a worthy customer, not someone who was interrupting the proceedings of the day.

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