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Canadians vote for their favourite hotel amenities

43 percent of Canadians appreciated complimentary water at hotels. Image: dreamstime.com

Carrying out a survey in January 2013 of over 8,600 travellers from all over the world, Hotels.com revealed what the average Canadian guest is looking for when choosing where to stay on their holidays. Continue reading

Gayosphere.com – the new travel guide for gay and lesbian travellers

The founder of Gayosphere.com, Alan Beck, has described himself as part cartographer, part businessman and all gay, as he sets out to find the most gay friendly places in the world.

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Canadian Visa

Being a young Australian lass, to obtain a Canadian Visa, I have gone to this site:


Read the info, I’m choosing the Step by Step Application Guide (yes I’m doing such as I write).

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Why hello there -30 degrees C

I don’t like working.

This is coming from a person who has a full-time job, a casual job and class three nights a week, so I better be a little bit more specific.

I don’t like sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day, counting the minutes until I can move onto the next desk to sit behind and count the minutes away.

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