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New Shanghai

Harbour Room, Westfield Bondi Junction 500 Oxford St, Bondi Junction, 2022

Whenever I walk past a dumpling place, well, I walk past it. Something about dumplings just doesn’t seem very filling to me and I never take a chance on the little meat and pastry delicacies. However New Shanghai has indeed been on my list of places to try for quite some time and I wasn’t overly hungry last night, so this seemed like a pretty good choice.

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B.U Organics

36 Ebley Street, Bondi Junction, 2022

This might sound a little strange, but their’s something almost natural about going into an organic shop that’s housed in a stripped down place where the ground is still grey and most of the products are displayed in their cartons.

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Waverley Library

32-48 Denison Street Bondi Junction, 2022

Located just around the corner from the grand Westfield Bondi Junction is the humble Waverley Library. Whilst most would visit it either for pre-examination study (read social centre for uniformed teenagers), or to recapture a sense of their previous lives by borrowing books in their first language, I came here for the culture.

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Luxe Bar and Moochi

Harbour Room, Westfield Bondi Junction
500 Oxford St, Bondi Junction, 2022

Luxe Bar has one of the prime spots in Westfield Bondi Junction: they are the ones you see before and after catching a movie and thus tempt you with a bottle of this or a plate of that, each and every time. Hearing great stories about their famous burgers, I thought it was time for me to go gourmet and order what sounded like the most delicious (and upperclass) burger that they had: the Truffle Burger.

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