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Imported beer, fried goods and the South American Festival

The wonderful thing about living in Australia is that there are so many people from different nationalities living all together, which generally means that they like to put on festivals with lots of different foods and beers.

This time around, sunny Bondi Beach was playing host to the South American Festival. Continue reading

R&B star Rihanna in new Barbados tourism campaign

Enjoy the party and the sun in Barbados Image: Instagram

Not one to shy away from the media spotlight, R&B superstar Rihanna is putting her native Barbados back on the map with some sexy shots on the beach for their new campaign. Continue reading

Bavarian Bier Café

24 York Street Sydney, 2000

The Bavarian Bier Café is one of those places that have it all – great atmosphere, fantastic staff, unique beers and schnapps and wonderful food. Walking over to the bar around 6ish on a Friday evening, I thought that the place would have been overrun by suits and ties, but luckily it wasn’t too crowded and my friend was able to get in with his flip flops, making the night out a very casual experience with a delicious menu. Continue reading