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Baggage handling improves

The number of mishandled bags has dropped in the past few years. Image: SITA

With the number of air passengers expected to reach 3.6 billion by the year 2016, the importance of accurate baggage handling is becoming ever more important and according to a new study, airport baggage operations are on the right track. Continue reading

The most preferred airplane seat is…

I prefer the right hand side, front section, window seat. How about you? Image: British Airways

When choosing airplane seats, it is safe to say that the hardest question most people have to answer their travel agent or computer is whether they prefer the window or the aisle seat, yet British Airways went one step further and pinpointed the seats that travellers are vying for. Continue reading

My Airport App


My Airport is the official Aéroports de Paris app which provides information on everything from flight schedules to information on public transport including travel time and fares.

This app includes; maps of the airports, taxi ranks and contact numbers of taxi services, route information from current location to destinations such as parking lots, terminals and airport hotels as well as Wi-Fi hot spots.

The app also comes with a currency converter, information on time zones and tourist desk locations. Continue reading

REVEALED: most frequent self-service users

Self-service users on the rise in Frankfurt. Image: frankfurt-airport.com

Waiting in queues at the airport can be stressful, boring and downright annoying, yet few complaints are heard from passengers using Frankfurt am Main Airport, compared to those at other airports. Continue reading

ACA solves consumer airline disputes

Cancellation/ refund request was the top reason for customer complaints. Image: fotopedia.com

Since the advent of the budget carrier, travellers have struggled to decide whether they should spend a few extra dollars on full-service carriers or if they could do without the sandwich and inflight entertainment. Continue reading

REVEALED: Travellers want to use their mobile phones in-flight

Travellers want to use their smartphones at 35,000 feet. Image: pixabay.com

Attention airlines: the people have spoken and they want their phones back!

According to a recent study conducted by One Poll on behalf of AeroMobile, over 70 percent of the surveyed British travellers said that they would use their mobile phones in the air, if they could.

Continue reading

Business travellers prefer rail over air

Trains are a winner for short journeys. Image: flickr.com

Business travellers have a lot on their mind and when it comes to travelling domestically for business, the question of rail vs. air is likely to come up. Continue reading