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Haggling with hoteliers becoming a guest habit

Consumers haggling for best prices in accommodation. Image: GraysEscape.com

The top ten most popular properties on haggling website GraysEscape.com have been announced, with newcomer to the site, Oaks Hotels and Resorts, taking out two of the spots. Continue reading

Orion Expeditions App

Orion Expeditions has launched a new app, which allows travellers to obtain information on the cruise line’s many itineraries as well as slideshows of visited destinations and video clips on what guests can expect to experience on the ship.

The app also has a live Bridge Camera which allows viewers to follow the ship on its expeditions. Continue reading

Aussies feel guilty about leaving pets behind

Making a good holiday photo album has never been easier. Image: lastminute.com.au

If going on holidays means crying over every Fido bowl you pass, then it’s time to look for pet friendly accommodation, as 46 percent of women admitted to feeling guilty about leaving their pet behind, whilst 38 percent of men weren’t too happy either. Continue reading

Planning a holiday is causing travellers stress

Kayak’s top 5 tips for reducing the stress factor whilst on holidays. Image: Kayak.co.uk

Whilst many go on holidays to relieve their stress, the process of planning the getaway can be a source of stress in itself. Continue reading

Thai tourists loosening the wallet in 2013

Travel review sites are the most important sources of information to researching travellers. Image: TripAdvisor

Travellers from the Asian region are looking forward to travelling this year, with 49 percent wanting to spend more money on their trips in 2013. Continue reading

Will renting a holiday house enrich your next trip?

What will you wake up to on your next trip? Image: flickr.com

Travelling around Europe is a lot of fun – you get to stay in different places, meet lots of people and see and learn lots of exciting new things. Continue reading

Business is looking up for hoteliers in 2013

Travel review site are helping drive sales. Image: TripAdvisor

2013 is proving to be a great year for hoteliers with 68 percent of Australian accommodation owners being optimistic about the year being profitable. To help increase their bookings, properties are offering free Wi-Fi (50 percent), special offers (47 percent) and discounts on rooms (40 percent).

Continue reading