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Join a Directory

To help get the name of your blog out there, join a directory or two.

This will not only allow you to “be seen” but will also give you a chance to view other people’s work.

Here is a site that I joined:

Best Travel Blogs

Big Blog Exchange

*** Thank you to everyone that voted – this competition has now been closed. For all you budding travel writers, look out for such competitions as they are a fantastic way to spread the word about your blog!***


Hi Everyone!

I have entered a competition that could see me jetting off to a faraway land and blogging about it along the way!

If you could spare just a moment of your time voting for me (just click on the banner below, then click ‘vote’ and enter your email address), you could soon be reading about some fantastic island or perhaps about me eating doughnuts in Sweden… the possibilities are endless!

Please remember that whilst all likes and shares are very much appreciated, the only way for me to actually get votes is for you to click on the banner and enter your email address and who knows, I might even be popping into your town sometime soon 🙂

Cricket’s Aunty Becoming a Travel Writer: Content Part 1

This tutorial explains how to start writing and developing your ‘voice’ through rewriting news stories.

Becoming a Travel Writer

I have decided to share my journey of becoming a travel writer on YouTube!

Through little ‘tutorials’ I will cover content such as where to find good stories, who to speak to and where to go as well as how to market yourself through social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.