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Haggling with hoteliers becoming a guest habit

Consumers haggling for best prices in accommodation. Image:

The top ten most popular properties on haggling website have been announced, with newcomer to the site, Oaks Hotels and Resorts, taking out two of the spots. Continue reading

Life changing travel experiences

You won’t see this big guy on any beach holiday… hopefully. Image:

Beach holiday? Ski getaway? Shopping trip?

If the usual tourist trail is the last one that you want to follow then it’s time to put a bit of adventure into your next journey. Continue reading

The most talked about attraction in Australia is…

Some places are worth talking about. Image: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Are you being talked about? Is your attraction ranking up there with the big boys?

TripAdvisor has created a list of the most talked about Australian attractions based on the number of reviews submitted in 2012. Continue reading

Will renting a holiday house enrich your next trip?

What will you wake up to on your next trip? Image:

Travelling around Europe is a lot of fun – you get to stay in different places, meet lots of people and see and learn lots of exciting new things. Continue reading

New ‘must have’ product for travellers with babies

Packing for a holiday can be as hard as planning the holiday itself, especially when you’re in charge of packing the whole family.

If you add a baby to the mix, the inventory of items to take quickly doubles as does the list of forgotten things once you leave the front porch. Continue reading

The most romantic destination in Asia is…

The most romantic hotel in Asia is… Baros Maldives. Image:

Just in case you’ve missed the love hearts, teddy bears, extra large chocolate boxes and dozens of roses that have been on sale for the past few weeks, Valentine’s Day was once again upon us and was celebrated by love birds and (happily) singles alike. Continue reading

Couch Surfing Meet Up In Sydney

Couch Surfing (CS) – the words that no mother wants to hear and I am not sure if I am game enough to utter them myself yet.

Wanting to explore my options and see what these creatures look like (anyone imagining dreadlocks and hemp skirts?) I decided to go to a CS ‘meeting’/ drinks at a pub that was happening in Sydney.

Continue reading