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The green of St Patricks Day comes to Sydney

I think that in order to fully appreciate St Patricks Day you really need to be there because no words can describe what it feels like to be in a sea of green with Irish accents all around you and the pubs filled to a capacity that they rarely see throughout the rest of the year.

And so, I felt that it is best to show you what a day in green looks like in Sydney, rather than sit here and use the word green one more time… Ok just once more – It was a bloody green day ay!

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Imported beer, fried goods and the South American Festival

The wonderful thing about living in Australia is that there are so many people from different nationalities living all together, which generally means that they like to put on festivals with lots of different foods and beers.

This time around, sunny Bondi Beach was playing host to the South American Festival. Continue reading

Australia Day: Cars, Colours and Carbs

On the 26th of January, Aussies all around the globe come together in their thongs, with meat pies in hand, and celebrate the beautiful country that is Australia. Continue reading

Transport NSW (Sydney) Trip Planner

So you’ve finally made it to Sydney … Welcome!

The next big step is figuring out how to get from A to B, so this nifty trip planner should become your new best friend:

If you can see this text, your web browser does not support iframes.
This iframe contains the 131500 Trip Planner. If you wish to use the
Trip Planner, please visit the 131500
Transport Info website

P.S. It doesn’t seem to work on Mac’s but the link is still good so follow it for up to date info on transport in NSW.

Haggling with hoteliers becoming a guest habit

Consumers haggling for best prices in accommodation. Image:

The top ten most popular properties on haggling website have been announced, with newcomer to the site, Oaks Hotels and Resorts, taking out two of the spots. Continue reading

Baggage handling improves

The number of mishandled bags has dropped in the past few years. Image: SITA

With the number of air passengers expected to reach 3.6 billion by the year 2016, the importance of accurate baggage handling is becoming ever more important and according to a new study, airport baggage operations are on the right track. Continue reading