Imported beer, fried goods and the South American Festival

The wonderful thing about living in Australia is that there are so many people from different nationalities living all together, which generally means that they like to put on festivals with lots of different foods and beers.

This time around, sunny Bondi Beach was playing host to the South American Festival.

You can feel the atmosphere change as soon as you get to the main promenade, with stall holders selling goods made from llama fur and ladies dressed in colourful costumes greeting people as they shuffle into the main venue.

When I finally got inside, it was still very early so the grass ‘dance floor’ was empty however the music was pumping and the crowd was settling in to watch the grass grow whilst sitting in the shade.

Being me, the first thing I did was take a long walk around and discover the many meals that were available, and there was lots! From fried stuff, to wrapped suff to freshly boiled stuff and, well, more stuff.

Most importantly, there was imported beer! Now I’m sure that in Mexico one of those would cost less than a dollar, but unfortunately I had to pay way over $5 to sip on the exotic bubbles.

For those that enjoy dancing, there were free Latin American dance classes and even a belly dancing tutorial.

Tip: Don’t do what I did and get there when the doors just open: come closer to the evening when the hot sun has settled and the dancing has begun.

Click here for more photos from the day.

The music is pumping but the dance floor is empty:

Join in the fun and take a Latin American dance class:

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