Australia Day: Cars, Colours and Carbs

On the 26th of January, Aussies all around the globe come together in their thongs, with meat pies in hand, and celebrate the beautiful country that is Australia.

Normally I head on down to Bondi Beach on this occasion and watch as thousands of people descend into the water and create a human chain using inflatable thongs (the shoes, if you haven’t caught onto that already), however this year I decided to enjoy some of the events taking place in and around the Sydney CBD.

First stop: watching a colour run.

These types of fun runs seem to be really taking off this year, but it was a first for me and boy was it fun to watch!

Standing at the finish line, I saw people pass by with coloured chalk covering them from head to toe. Here’s a bit of a taste:

Joining in I walked towards the park where all the contestants gathered and watched as every 15 minutes or so, the MC instructed everyone to pick up a bag of green and a bag of yellow chalk and throw it up at the same time. Let’s just say that even though I wasn’t running, I still ended up will colour in my hair and my brand new shoes!

Click here for more photos from the colour run.

Next stop was a car show that filled the streets near Hyde Park and would have been an absolute treat for any car enthusiast.

Click here for more photos of cars.

I then decided to watch the tall boat race, which consisted of historic boats passing underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

After that it was lunchtime! Food stalls filled Hyde Park and catered for just about any taste with everything from Bavarian hotdogs to organic nachos.

The day ends with fireworks, which I decided to forgo in favour of a pub, however if you do ever come to Sydney on Australia Day, make sure you stick around for them.

Tip: walk around the streets of The Rocks and Darling Harbour for street entertainment, music, food and just a general view of Aussies doing what Aussies do best: drink!

Click here for more photos from the day.

Watch the playlist for some highlights from the day:

3 thoughts on “Australia Day: Cars, Colours and Carbs

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    1. Cricket's Aunty Post author

      There were so many of them!!!

      I wanted to take as many pictures as possible but then every time I went up another street, there were more.

      Seriously Sydney was overrun by vintage and fancy cars 🙂


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