The most preferred airplane seat is…

I prefer the right hand side, front section, window seat. How about you? Image: British Airways

When choosing airplane seats, it is safe to say that the hardest question most people have to answer their travel agent or computer is whether they prefer the window or the aisle seat, yet British Airways went one step further and pinpointed the seats that travellers are vying for.

It seems that those who want to get out as quickly as possible, follow through with their intentions as those who choose to sit at the front part of economy, also wanted to sit on the aisle.

Conversely, those who sat at the back preferred the window seat.

Overall travellers preferred the window seat and opted to sit on the right hand side of the aircraft, when given the choice.

The most popular seats on British Airways Boeing 747 were the ones where pairs of travellers had the row to themselves, which includes twin seats 51/52B, 51/52C, 51/52H and 51/52J.

First Class travellers were more likely to pick front row seats 1A and 1K as their favourites, whilst Club World (business class) passengers liked to travel in the upper deck toward the back of the aircraft in seats 62A and K and 64A and K.

What’s your favourite seat on a plane? 

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5 thoughts on “The most preferred airplane seat is…

  1. NatalieT

    This is so funny! Everyone has their strategy with seat picking. For the longest time I chose an aisle seat, you know, just in case I had to go wee wee I didn’t want to go through the ordeal of asking everyone to get up and move. I also avoid sitting on the wing – I was told it was where you felt the most movement of the plane. True or not so much?

    Now though its all about the window seat – you can lean against the side of the plane = marginally more comfortable sleep!

    1. Cricket's Aunty Post author

      I’ve always been a window seat kinda gal – about half way down the first section of economy on the right hand side to be precise!

      I prefer the window for the leaning bit as well as the view (nothing like flying in or out of Sydney airport and seeing the beautiful harbour). Also I thankfully have quite a good bladder (sorry for the oversharing!) so going out doesn’t really bother me and other people don’t bother me by their walkabouts.

      I somehow usually end up near the wing and normally don’t feel much more ‘movement’ than what is expected.

      Fun Fact: If you’re a nervous flyer then you’re better off sitting towards the back of the plane because in the event of an emergency, all those top paying flyers are likely to be the first to go bye bye – I watched something that showed first/ business seats being deathly damaged in a nose-dive with the back seats in economy having a MUCH higher chance of survival.

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    1. Cricket's Aunty Post author

      You know… I never actually realised that there was a difference in noise on flights! To me there’s just a constant eerie hum that blocks out virtually everything, so it’s not annoying as such, but perhaps my ears just get blocked very easily.

      I will try and forget this conversation the next time I fly so that I don’t get too paranoid 😛


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