Generation X most risky when it comes to travel insurance

Travel insurance – helping travellers leave with memories and not with huge medical bills. Image:

“If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel”.

This phrase has been repeatedly drilled into Australian heads, yet according to a new study 30 percent of all Aussies do not purchase travel insurance when going overseas.

Travel insurance provider SureSave recently conducted research which found that out of 1,000 Australian respondents, travellers aged 60+ were the most likely to invest in travel insurance, with only 13 percent leaving home without it.

Generation Xers were the riskiest of the respondents with 24 percent of 30-39 year olds opting to travel unprotected, followed by 18-29 years old of whom only 13 percent resisted purchasing travel insurance.

Overall, 30 percent of Australian respondents did not always purchase travel insurance, 12 percent either never or rarely bought it and 18 percent made their decision based on their perception of the destination to which they were travelling.

“If you travel without insurance, you’re putting yourself at risk and there can be serious financial consequences,” SureSave executive general manager Michael Callaghan said.

“Even a short stay in a US hospital can cost a traveller tens of thousands of dollars if they’re not protected.

“A travel insurance policy is a very small price to pay for coverage in the event that something goes wrong.”

Do you take out travel insurance every time you travel?

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