Aussies feel guilty about leaving pets behind

Making a good holiday photo album has never been easier. Image:

If going on holidays means crying over every Fido bowl you pass, then it’s time to look for pet friendly accommodation, as 46 percent of women admitted to feeling guilty about leaving their pet behind, whilst 38 percent of men weren’t too happy either.

With over 25 percent of pet owners having already taken their furry friend on a trip and 13 percent hoping to do so in the future, according to a recent survey, it seems like the concept of a puppy filled holidays is less taboo as some five star hotels lend a hand.

The Langham Sydney, Hilton Adelaide and the Mai Tai Resort in Port Douglas are just some hotels that are pet friendly.

Although hotels can provide a few extras to help Fido make the best of his experience, has some suggestions for making the trip a success:

  • Check the terms and conditions next to the ‘pet friendly’ asterisks as there could be weight or breed restrictions – Fido’s come all this way so make sure he can get in!
  • Bring some entertainment for your pet so that they have an easier time getting used to their new environment and also don’t take to the hotel room amenities as a replacement for chew toys.
  • Show your pet around the destination – not only will they enjoy the walk, but they also won’t be stuck in a shoebox room (with all those ‘new’ hotel toys). Alternatively hire a sitter for your pet.
  • Some pets may not be keen to join you on an eight hour flight so check with your vet before bringing Fido to Dubai.

Have you ever taken your pet on holidays with you?

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