Mobiles, Wi-Fi adding stress to your holidays

Relax don’t text on your next holiday! Image:

Taking a break from work is important as it allows a person to rejuvenate their mind and bodie, however with today’s smartphones and easily accessible Wi-Fi, it seems like travellers are packing their work along with their toothpaste when going on holidays.

A Best Western Vacation Survey recently conducted by Wakefield Research found that even though 64 percent of respondents took a holiday to get away from their work, 29 percent continued to check their work emails and voice-mails whilst away.

55 percent of respondents admitted that they cannot go a full week without checking their emails and voicemails, with 45 percent saying that they could only last five days before checking up on work.

Women were more likely to not be interrupted by work whilst on their break (53 percent), as opposed to the 46 percent of men who reported being interrupted. Moreover, 52 percent of business travellers said that work was more likely to ruin their holiday than bad weather and that 21 percent had skipped exciting plans during holidays, because they were doing work.

Those that do however work on their island resorts seem to have better luck than the 16 percent of respondents who said that they couldn’t travel because they had “too much work” to do and 68 percent of those 35 years or older said that although their job was the number one reason for needing to go on a holiday, they would not be making plans any time to go away.

Another reason for not travelling was the concern of over-spending; however 22 percent of women seemed happy to take up the risk as they stated that they mainly needed a holiday to get away from their spouse or significant other.

Will you be able to keep your next holiday work free?

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