REVEALED: most frequent self-service users

Self-service users on the rise in Frankfurt. Image:

Waiting in queues at the airport can be stressful, boring and downright annoying, yet few complaints are heard from passengers using Frankfurt am Main Airport, compared to those at other airports.

According to SITA’s (leading specialist in air transport communications and IT solutions) 2012 Transport World Passenger Self-Service Survey, travelers passing though the German airport are embracing self-service options more so than some of the other major airports around the world.

The report found that 45 percent of passengers surveyed at Frankfurt am Main used a staffed bag drop station, compared to only 32 percent at other airports.

Frankfurt also had double the passengers using unstaffed bag-drop services at seven percent, than other airports and 76 percent of travelers used self-service check-in, in comparison to 68 percent elsewhere.

The high usage of self service options has however led fewer passengers to take advantage of mobile phone options, with most (58 percent) respondents preferring paper boarding passes.

SITA President Europe Dave Bakker said Frankfurt has “enthusiastically” embraced the do-it-yourself as means of improving their journey.

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