Love stories from 35,000 feet

When love’s too hard to find on the ground, look up! Image: Wego

For most flying is a monotonous occasion where there is little more to do than sleep, read or half watch a movie, however some were lucky enough to witness everything from proposals to serenades to pure coincidences that only cupid could concoct for a 12 hour flight.

Travel metasearch site, Wego conducted a survey which revealed some of the rare sights of love at 35,000 feet:

  • Some men were traditional and made their proposals with a ring in a wine glass or by bending on one knee in the aisle, whilst another got the help of a flight attendant who crawled down the aisle and pretended to be looking for her own engagement ring, only for the man to find the ring and propose to his girlfriend with it.
  • A man who by accident fell onto a woman’s chest when turbulence, proposed to his girlfriend as part of his quick ‘thinking’, no doubt making for an interesting wedding speech.
  • A woman was on a helicopter ride that was given to her as a gift from her boyfriend; however the biggest surprise was when she found a proposal written on a roof that they flew over.
  • Another woman, also on a helicopter ride (take note boys!), saw her name next to a proposal at the couple’s favourite fishing spot.
  • Proposals aren’t only for those sitting in economy class with one pilot proposing to his flight attendant girlfriend over the intercom.
  • A lucky man scored himself a kiss from a flight attendant after volunteering to sing a love song during a Valentine’s Day flight and serenading her with it.
  • Some weren’t as lucky in love with a husband also employing the singing tactic after he got into a fight with his wife, and another gentleman flirted with the flight attendant only to be told by the man sitting next to him that she was actually his wife.
  • A man thought that he would try his luck with a woman flying with her three energetic boys by asking for her number, however was shot down with ‘No, I’ve no more energy for yet another boy’.

Finally there was the one would make even the most frozen of hearts melt a little: a man was opening the overhead compartment where he had placed a flower which he bought for his mother, only to have the flower drop in the lap of a beautiful women… the modern fairy tale ended happily with the woman eventually becoming his wife.

Have you witnessed any love stories come to life at 35,000 feet?

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