Business is looking up for hoteliers in 2013

Travel review site are helping drive sales. Image: TripAdvisor

2013 is proving to be a great year for hoteliers with 68 percent of Australian accommodation owners being optimistic about the year being profitable. To help increase their bookings, properties are offering free Wi-Fi (50 percent), special offers (47 percent) and discounts on rooms (40 percent).

TripAdvisor’s recently conducted Tripbarometer: the world’s largest accommodation and traveller survey, which included over 35 thousand participants, revealed that in 2013 50 percent of travellers were expecting to increase their travel budget. Africans were the top spenders with 76 percent wanting to increase their budget, followed by travellers from the Middle East at 75 percent, South America at 58 percent, Asia at 49 percent, and Australasia, North America and Europe at 44 percent.

When looking for accommodation, the survey concluded that travellers found travel review sites (38 percent) to be the most useful when conducting their research, whilst web based travel agencies (19 percent) and travel operator sites (16 percent) were also high on the list. Less than ten percent of travellers relied on friends and family, social media and travel magazines and brochures. Overall, 93 percent of travellers globally said that other peoples reviews influenced their decision when making an accommodation booking.

Majority of global bookings were reportedly made over web-based travel agencies (27 percent), however things are looking up for hoteliers with travellers booking their accommodation on the accommodation’s own website (23 percent). Overall, Australasian accommodation providers generated 60 percent of their reservations through direct booking channels (48 percent through their own website and 13 percent via telephone bookings).

How do you choose your accommodation?

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