Appy Hotel App

Appy Hotel is an app that allows property owners to easily create an app for iPhones and iPads using a template.

The app is useful both for properties who do not want to spend money on app development as well as established properties who want to increase their online presence.

Free to consumers, Free to set up, costs vary for upgrades

Available On
iPhone, iPad and Android

Why We Love It

Consumers have access to the entire inventory once they have downloaded the app, meaning that they don’t need to be connected to the internet to browse the information, however if they wish to book the property they still have to go online to do so.

Lost in Translation
Once signed up, each property is given an ‘ID’ that they are advised to tell their customers so that they can easily be looked up on the app, however the chances of someone using a 7 digit code to look up a hotel seems quite low.

Designed For
Hotel/ Property Owners as well as consumers

We Rate It

Digging it or tossing it? Let us know what you think of the App.

Click here to read this on e-Travel Blackboard.

3 thoughts on “Appy Hotel App

  1. israeliart

    Hi there!
    Thanks for posting this story about us.
    My name is Mike Darnell & I’m part of the team here @AppyHotel. One comment. As of last Friday we’re available as an Android app as well… Check us out on the Google Play store (search for “Appy Hotel”)



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