Travellers choose cruising for its luxury and convenience

Cruisers travel to relax in luxury. Image:

Australians are cruising more than ever and the industry’s attractiveness is set to rise, according to a new study.

A Cruise Offers survey found, living in luxury and the convenience of cruising, were the big drawcards: 85 percent of respondents named only having to unpack their bags once as the major influence for choosing a cruise holiday, whilst others enjoyed having access to luxury amenities such as restaurants and day spas.

Those surveyed also placed having a nice bathroom and quality linen on their list of luxury amenities to look forward to whilst on board.

Thai dishes came in second, with 35 percent, as the favourite cuisine on cruises and Italian took out the top spot with 43 percent, which comes as no surprise as 48 percent of respondents named their next cruising destination as Europe.

“The Australian cruise industry is enjoying unprecedented popularity, with seven years of double-digit growth seeing Australian cruise passenger numbers exceed more than half a million in 2011,” Cruise Offers director Neville Walliss said.

“The 2012 International Cruise Council of Australasia results are due for release in April and we expect that last year’s results will top the 30 percent increase experienced in 2010/11.”

What do you like about cruising?

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