New ‘must have’ product for travellers with babies

Packing for a holiday can be as hard as planning the holiday itself, especially when you’re in charge of packing the whole family.

If you add a baby to the mix, the inventory of items to take quickly doubles as does the list of forgotten things once you leave the front porch.

Seeing a gaping hole in the market two mums invented a “luxury 6-in-1-multi-use” product that intends to save some luggage space by being able to be used as a car seat “tent” cover, nursing cover, shopping cart cover, high chair cover, stroller blanket and a playtime blanket.

The inventors suggest that their product will save money as well as the need to carry lots of bulky items and that the it is “clean, germfree for (the) baby or toddler”, assumingly because it is placed on top of the ‘dirty’ areas and not because it has any scientific germ eliminating features.

The product is being marketed as an innovative saviour that parents simply cannot leave the house without due to its capability of being a blanket that can be placed in different positions and a hole that has been strategically made available for the times when a seat cover is required or when a mother is nursing her baby.

Although I am personally baby free, I’m not sure if I would place a blanket that has been on the ground or even on the car seat, onto myself if I were to need to nurse a baby, not to mention the potential baby spew that might end up on it at various times of the day.

Whilst some might send through raving testimonials about the product, this reporter suggests to save yourself the $50 and take a trip to your nearest fabric store if you are in need or multipurpose material with some Velcro and a cut out middle.

Check out the promo video for a bit of a giggle:

Click here to read this (amended version) on e-Travel Blackboard.

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