Canadians vote for their favourite hotel amenities

43 percent of Canadians appreciated complimentary water at hotels. Image:

Carrying out a survey in January 2013 of over 8,600 travellers from all over the world, revealed what the average Canadian guest is looking for when choosing where to stay on their holidays.

In the Study

Free Wi-Fi becoming a standard at all hotels was at the top of the wish list with 70 percent of respondents wanting the service available. 34 percent stated that it was a top factor when choosing where to stay on a holiday and 56 percent said that free Wi-Fi was a must have on a business trip. 11 percent of Canadian respondents were willing to pay for the use of the hotel’s Wi-Fi.

In the Bedroom

On their holidays, Canadians were all about relaxing with 20 percent saying that they were interested in a universal remote control (think window shades and room service buttons) and 13 percent wanted a massage chair or foot massager.

Only 24 percent of Canadians required turn down service, however 15 percent were interested in a hotel provided tablet with free Wi-Fi and guest information, room service and local guides installed on it. 13 percent of Canadians also wanted to ensure the safety of their belongings, rating an in-room safe as important.

In the Bathroom

Hotels with designer toiletries are onto a winner with 21 percent of respondents naming the freebies as their favourite amenity. Bath menus/ butlers were however not of interest to guests.

In the Kitchen

Coffee, food and wine were definite favourites of Canadians with 23 percent naming high end coffee makers as their top modern hotel room amenity and 42 percent being interested in happy hours, wine tastings and any other occasion that involved free food and drinks. 35 percent thought that mini bars were too expensive which could have contributed to the high number venturing beyond their rooms for a drink.

Free breakfast becoming a standard at hotel in 2013 was at the top of 31 percent of Canadanian respondents, with 19 percent stating that international breakfast options were a favourite. Complimentary water was the most appreciated simple amenity (43 percent), however access to a tea sommelier and an in-room mixologist did not interest many with only 9 percent requiring the service.

43 percent said that complimentary water was their most appreciated simple amenity. 31 percent wanted free breakfast to become a standard at hotels in 2013 whilst 19 percent stated that international breakfast options were a favourite.

In the Backyard

A high end fitness centre and/or spa made the wish list of 26 percent of Canadian respondents and the use of cabanas and pool towels were chosen as a favourite perk of those travelling in luxury.

In their Dreams

Only 5 percent of respondents wanted to have access to a fragrance butler, however 54 percent said that use of a Rolls Royce Phantom was an amenity that they would most like to experience. Luckily, this request was under the outrageous luxury hotel service category.

Would you stay at a hotel if it didn’t have free Wi-Fi?

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