Pompeii receives million dollar makeover

The ancient city of Pompeii gets assistance in restoration after years of mismanagement. Image: flickr.com

The ancient site of Pompeii is set for an over 100-million euro makeover that will improve facilities, help restore the site and increase tourist numbers.

Receiving up to 41.8 million euros from the European Union, the makeover, dubbed, the “Grand Pompeii Project” was designed to ensure the survival of the site after several buildings collapsed, by restoring and reinforcing support for the impacted buildings as well as increasing video surveillance at the site, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

With several of those responsible for mismanaging the historic site of Pompeii being investigated, Italian ministries have announced plans for the 105-million euro (AU$138-million) makeover of the city, with the funds now being closely monitored by higher authorities.

As well as restoring the historic site, the makeover is also set to boost tourism from 2.3 million a year to an estimated 2.6 million by 2017, according to the European Commision.

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2 thoughts on “Pompeii receives million dollar makeover

  1. sarahlouisek

    I am glad to hear this! When I saw Pompeii awhile back (at least 10 years ago), the mismanagement of this historical site was beginning to show. It should be preserved, and done well. Now it will be!

    1. Cricket's Aunty Post author

      Yeh we learned in history that one of the biggest problems in Pompeii is the amount of rubbish and ‘modern’ graffiti that is cause by tourists.

      I haven’t been there myself but I hope that apart from restoring everything, they will also add a couple more bins and perhaps some CCTV cameras for the hooligans, or at least fine disrespectful tourists!


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