ACA solves consumer airline disputes

Cancellation/ refund request was the top reason for customer complaints. Image:

Since the advent of the budget carrier, travellers have struggled to decide whether they should spend a few extra dollars on full-service carriers or if they could do without the sandwich and inflight entertainment.

If customer complaints are anything to go by, then according to the results from the Airline Customer Advocate (ACA) Report, July to December 2012, full-service carriers are the clear winners.

ACA provides a free service of helping travellers resolve complaints about Australia’s major airlines, such as Jetstar, Qantas, Rex, Tiger Airways and Virgin Australia, services. For cancellation and refund disputes, ACA found Tiger Airways to be the worst with 2.17 complaints per 100,000 passengers between July and December 2012. Jetstar came in a not too distant second with 1.44 complaints and Qantas and Virgin Australia had the best results with 0.16 and 0.14 respectively.

With the release of these results, Tiger Airways is assuring that they will continue to improve customer service and will use these findings to help them achieve their goals, reported

Overall, the ACA stated that they had received 442 complaints, finalised 429 and resolved in the customer’s favour 283 complaints with an average resolution wait of 14.3 days.

Here are some of the top complaints that the ACA received:

1.       Cancellation/refund request 31%

2.       Flight delay or cancellation 18%

3.       Fees or charges 16%

4.       Website 9%

5.       Terms and conditions 5%

What’s your complaint to airlines?

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