Business travellers prefer rail over air

Trains are a winner for short journeys. Image:

Business travellers have a lot on their mind and when it comes to travelling domestically for business, the question of rail vs. air is likely to come up.

A recent study by the Hogg Robinson Group (HRG), found that business travellers opt for the cheaper rail journey, even when it is twice as long.

The close proximity of train stations to city centres as well as the time available to get some work done whilst travelling, is appealing to business travellers.

However, the convenience of trains as well as the potential monetary savings are less likely to attract travellers going over the three hour mark, even if it is by half an hour: HRG found that the 55 minute flight between Manchester and Edinburgh was a better option than the 56 percent cheaper three hour 31 minute train ride for nine out of ten business travellers.

How far will you ride a train before you catch a flight?

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2 thoughts on “Business travellers prefer rail over air

  1. sarahlouisek

    The train still sounds like a better option, given everything you have to go through (at least in the U.S.) for airport security. And how early you have to get to the airport these days.

    1. Cricket's Aunty Post author

      Yeh I agree, flying is such an effort and I always have this fear that even on domestic flights my luggage will be lost or there will be some kind of delay or perhaps the flight will be cancelled etc etc. These risks definitely go down with rail travel!


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