Nok Air’s raunchy calendar

The ladies pose for Nok Air. Image: Nok Air via Facebook

Thailand’s budget airline, Nok Air, has started a new marketing campaign – the Nok Air 2013 Calendar with a bikini clad lady to match each month.

Dressed in the airline’s signature colour, yellow, the women pose in front of the smiling sparrow aircraft and show off their robust assets, according to the company’s Facebook photo album.

The airline has already received a significant amount of attention, after posting the teaser photos on its Facebook page on 9 February.

Most requested a copy of the calendar with one even saying that he was “willing to buy in bulk for a shipment to USA”.

Other’s expressed that if Nok Air’s hostesses really did look like the ones in the calendar then they would fly with them more often, whilst another fan of the Facebook page settled for just having the calendar, saying that such a freebie on a flight would help increase sales.

Whilst most commentators expressed their approval for the campaign and highlighted that Thailand is a land of ‘sex and sun’, there were a few people that didn’t share the excitement and suggested that the calendar “degrades women”, is a terrible idea and doesn’t show Thailand well and will cause at least one ‘fan’ to reconsider flying with the airline.

Although the full ramifications of the campaign are yet to be seen, one thing is certain: at the time of writing the photo album on Facebook that contained a few of the featured pictures from the calendar, already had over 1,440 shares, 445 comments and 5,870 likes.

Would you reconsider flying with an airline that released sexy promotional items?

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2 thoughts on “Nok Air’s raunchy calendar

  1. inavukic

    I guess “sex tourism” for Thailand has been the flavour that sent many a male to the destination, so the airline’s sending the message “it’s still on”. The airline’s calendars are like a pimp’s brochure and look out of date to me. The only sexy thing about an airline I look for is comfortable seating and good movie selection.

    1. Cricket's Aunty Post author

      and good food…

      But I guess there are some people that actually go on an airline for the sexy hostess, I mean when was the last time you saw an ad that showed comfy seats and an awesome entertainment system? These days it’s either a lady bending over serving coffee or in Virgin Australia’s case – a whole lot of ‘smartly dressed’ women behind a male pilot….

      Speaking of sex on planes (well kind of) did you hear that an airline uploaded 50 Shades of Grey onto their entertainment system, however, not wanting to embarrass any ladies that wanted to read it, they made it into an audio version so that their neighbour would be none the wiser?!?


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