Year of the Snake filling hotel rooms

The Chinese New Year helping increase hotel occupancy rates. Image:

As Australia celebrates the Chinese New Year, hoteliers are welcoming the Year of the Snake with open arms as occupancy rates reach record numbers.

Accor saw over 90 percent occupancy rates across its range of hotels on the eve of the New Year and an overall 30.4 percent increase in room nights over the Chinese New Year period.

Accor also experienced great success at its Optimum Service Standards accredited hotels which focus on the Chinese market with special attention paid to ensuring that their guests have familiar home comforts. 37 Accor hotels have services such as particular foods available at the breakfast buffet, Chinese speaking reception staff and specialised TV channels, as part of the program, which saw an increase of 34.3 percent in booking this Chinese New Year’s Eve, compared to the last.

The Mercure Hobart Hotel had 100 percent occupancy rate for the entire week, whilst the Novotel Cairns Oasis Resort saw a 20.1 percent increase in occupancy on the eve of the Chinese New Year which resulted in over 80 percent overall occupancy rates; both hotels are Optimum Service Standards accredited.

Other Accor hotels helped celebrate the Chinese New Year with red Chinese decorations, gold coins and red envelopes, Chinese food and drinks as well as dragon dancers and even displaying live snakes in some hotel lobbies. The embellishments would not have gone to waste with Accor’s Sydney hotels seeing a 52 percent growth in booking compared to last year and Melbourne hotels increased room nights by 15.7 percent.

With an expected 100 million Chinese travelling the globe by 2020, the investment into the market seems to be definitely worth the while.

Would you like to see more hotels provide specialised services for the Chinese market?

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