Aussies ditch New Zealand for the US

Aussies choosing the US over New Zealand. Image:

Whilst Australians are cash happy with the strong dollar, New Zealanders are starting to feel the pressure as the Unites States becomes a more attractive destination for Aussie travellers.The States affordability both on the ground as well as in airfares is causing Australians to travel the distance, with New Zealand still recovering, image wise, from the Christchurch earthquakes of 2011, The New Zealand Herald reported.

According to the latest Roy Morgan Holiday Tracking Survey, the percentage of Australians wanting to holiday in the US has risen from 10.4 percent to 14.1 percent, between December 2007 and December 2012, whilst interest in the Kiwi’s dropped from 15.1 percent before the Christchurch earthquake to 12.7 percent in February 2011.

Tourism New Zealand chief executive, Kevin Bowler, is hoping that the holiday segment of the market will grow as Australian’s discover what New Zealand has to offer, especially in the areas of skiing and cycling.

Where would you rather go, the US or New Zealand?

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