What’s hot and what’s not for today’s Singaporean hotel guests

Breakfast anyone? Image: flickr.com

In order to entice travellers to stay at their properties, hotel companies are introducing services that range from the necessary to the pointless, so as to please every taste and potential wild request.

Carrying out a survey in January 2013 of over 8,600 travellers from all over the world, Hotels.com revealed what the average Singaporean guest is looking for when choosing where to stay.

In the Study

Unsurprisingly, 81 percent of respondents wanted free Wi-Fi to become a standard at all hotels, with 69 percent saying that it was a top factor in choosing a hotel when on holidays and a must-have when on a business trip. 21 percent of the Singaporean respondents said that they would be willing to pay for use of the hotel’s Wi-Fi.

In the Bedroom

To satisfy a guest in the bedroom, hoteliers need to go all out with 22 percent wanting massage chairs or foot massagers as well as having access to an all-in-one remote that controls the lighting, TV, shades, temperature, room service, etc (13 percent were after this nifty gadget).

31 percent of the Singaporean respondents were interested in a hotel provided tablet with free Wi-Fi and guest information, room service and local guides installed on it. Turn down service was however not deemed necessary with only 22 percent requiring the service.

In the Bathroom

Hotels with designer toiletries are onto a winner with 41 percent of respondents naming the freebies as their favourite amenity. Bath menus/ butlers were however not of interest to guests.

In the Kitchen

The words ‘free’ and ‘food’ seem to be synonymous for the respondents of this survey with 39 percent being interested in happy hours, wine tastings and any other occasion that involved free food and drinks and 26 percent said that complimentary water was their most appreciated simple amenity. 34 percent wanted free breakfast to become a standard at hotels in 2013 whilst 19 percent stated that international breakfast options were a favourite.

Respondents were not interested in having access to a tea sommelier or an in-room mixologist, with only 6 percent indicating that they would potentially use either of the services.

In their Dreams

Whilst only 9 percent of respondents wanted to have access to a fragrance butler, a massive 53 percent said that use of a Rolls Royce Phantom was an amenity that they would most like to experience. Luckily, this request was under the outrageous luxury hotel service category.

What services do you expect from modern hotels?

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