San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival coming to Australia

The ocean covers over 70% of our planet, making life beneath the surface diverse, mysterious and most importantly beautiful.

This year, the San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival will take Australians on a journey with a screening of short films that swim with the sharks, fish and whales and discover some of the most amazing inhabitants of our planet.

The movies were submitted from all over the world and include Ray, a modern day merman who dives in search of ancient treasures and the peace of the ocean (UK), scientists who study elephant seals and their amazing ability to hold their breath in the deep waters (USA) and a young Spanish girl who takes viewers on a tour of the ocean in the hopes of inspiring them to help ensure that it is still there for generations to come (Spain).

The Film Festival will be travelling around Australia in March. To purchase tickets click here.

Tour dates:

BRISBANE 5 March – Schonell Cinema UQ

PERTH 6 March – State Theatre of WA

ADELAIDE 7 March – Palace Nova

TOWNSVILLE 8 March – Riverway Arts Centre

CAIRNS 9 March – Event Cinema Grafton St

SYDNEY 21 March – Hayden Orpheum

Click below to watch the inspirational trailer for this upcoming event:

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