Beat the heat with a visit to a cool aquarium

1-5 Wheat Rd, Sydney, NSW, 2000

If the heat is getting to you but you prefer to keep you shoes sand free, why not step into the wonderful world of aquariums for a refreshing and beautiful experience.

Aquariums are a fascinating place where you can explore the colourful creatures that you would otherwise not encounter, or perhaps in the case of a shark, not want to encounter.

At Sydney’s Sea Life Aquarium, visitors are treated to such beautiful exhibits as South Coast Shipwreck where you will find Weedy Sea Dragons and Pineapple Fish, Rocky Shores which holds the intriguing Estuarine Stonefish and the Moon Jellyfish and Mangrove Swamps which displays the Lungfish, the only fish species that can breathe underwater.

For a truly unique experience, see Pig and Wuru, the only Dugongs on display in Australia. The beautiful creatures were rescued after being orphaned, however are now happy in their large, purposely-adapted aquarium, appropriately named Dugong Island.

If you get in quick, you might even witness what could be the biggest annual stocktake in Australia as aquarists count every creature that calls Sydney Sea Life Aquarium home, which is around 13,000 occupants from 700 different species.

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