Man robbed at beak-point in New Zealand

The New Zealand Kea, a trained criminal with the inhuman power of flight. Image:

One of the first lessons that all travellers learn is  hold on to your stuff and watch out for suspicious characters.You expect the pick-pockets, even the armed robberies,  but New Zealand has its own terrifying brand of thief, and it’s not even human!

On a recent visit to Arthur’s Pass in New Zealand’s South  Island, a Scottish tourist was allegedly robbed by a Kea as he admired the  surrounding scenery whilst on a rest stop.

To the untrained eye the Kea is an innocent creature; its  main weapon of choice is flight, because the Kea is…a bird.

The Kea, a large species of parrot, is accused of  stealing NZ$1300 in cash that was left in a small cloth drawstring bag on the  Scot’s dashboard in his campervan, leaving the tourist with only the NZ$40 that  had been smartly hidden in his pocket.

e-Travel Blackboard certainly wouldn’t mind a certain  nest falling on our heads if we visit Arthur’s Pass!

Click here to read this on e-Travel Blackboard.

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