Jetstar’s Feng Shui guide helps lovebirds find lucky seats

In the year of the Snake, the Dragon goes to Kuala Lumpur. Image: Jetstar

As the Chinese New Year celebrations and Valentine’s Day  once again cross each other’s paths, Jetstar has taken the opportunity to help  bring a little bit of luck and love into our lives by commissioning a Feng Shui  master to discover the best rows to sit in on its A320 aircraft.Basing his advice on the energy flow within the aircraft,  Master David Tong is able to give the lost and confused advice on where to sit,  what time to travel and even where to travel to.

For most it would seem that travelling between 5.00am and  7.00am is best for bringing good luck, as is 7pm to 9pm. Women looking for  extra cash should take a chance in row 1, 11 or 21 and men hoping for good  health should book a seat in row 9, 19 or 29 next time they’re flying.

Based on this reporter’s date of birth and  gender, if I were looking for love, my ideal seats are in rows 6, 7, 16, 17, 26  and 26 and I should take a holiday in Kuala Lumpur (the results were  suspiciously the same as those for good fortune in a career so I guess I love  my job).

Click here to read this on e-Travel Blackboard.

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