New survey reveals business traveller’s social habits

Indian business travellers are the most likely to be found at the bar socialising with friends and colleagues.

A recent survey has revealed some of the social habits of business travellers including where they spend the most time, who they like to fly with and with whom they socialise.The recent survey by Four Points by Sheraton found 42.88 percent of business travellers liked spending their free time at the hotel bar or restaurant with colleagues and business partners.

Socialising thus ranked higher than all other activities such as going to the gym, spa or shopping, which less than 40 percent of respondents ranked as their favourite activity.

Over 60 percent of respondents said that they stayed in touch with someone that they had met on a plane or at a hotel while they were travelling, yet over 60 percent also said that they would prefer to fly alone rather than with a business associate.

The report also gave an insight into the habits of some of the nationalities that it had surveyed, such as that at 36.36 percent, Americans were the most frequent business flyers with more than ten trips under their belts, whilst the Chinese travelled least for business at only 7.07 percent and an average of less than ten annual trips.

On the other hand, the Chinese were the most social business travellers with 49.5 percent not minding to share a flight with a co-worker, as were the Indians who stayed in touch with 70 percent of the people that they had met on the road.

Indian business travellers were also the most likely to be found socialising at the bars and restaurants with co-workers (61.05 percent) as well as catching up with friends who live in the town that they are visiting (52.63 percent).

Brazilians were found to be the least social with only 31 percent wanting to travel with a colleague and only 30.93 percent had the bars and restaurants on their minds.

Where do you spend most of your free time when on a business trip?

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