How to keep your money safe whilst travelling

Invest in a wallet that screams “I’m broke”.

Neck pouches and money belts? Might as well be walking  around with a target on your belly. Stashes of notes in the shoe? Highly impractical  especially for paper notes, not to mention embarrassingly smelly.Wallets in back pockets or shoulder bags? Just hand the  money straight over; at least you will get to keep the wallet and your bag  won’t be ruined.

With the usual ‘tips’ no longer useful against savvy  thieves, it’s time to get innovative with where to stash your cash:

  • Inside  pockets are great on over the shoulder bags as they are usually camouflaged  with the inner material of the bag and take an extra step to get through when  zipped up. For extra security put something against that side of the bag, even  a brochure will do as it will help hide any bulkiness.
  • Water  bottles can be used to store all kinds of things and most thieves will be  none the wiser about what’s inside them. Make sure that the bottle isn’t clear  and that the opening is big enough to retrieve the cash again, without having  to get the Swiss army knife out. Ensure that the bottle is opened in discreet  places such as bathrooms.
  • Books can be used to hide passports in – just get an unloved paperback, cut out a  passport sized shape in the middle and place your ID inside. Hopefully the  thieves have the same taste in novels as you and forgo the literature.
  • Pamphlets can be used to store cash and credit cards in as well. Just sticky tape the  sides and place the cash which you will need for the day inside. Make sure to  put the pamphlet amongst other such tourist paraphernalia so that it both blends  in and so that the money doesn’t fall out from the open side.
  • Have coins scattered throughout your bag – there should be enough for small purchases and  lunch. This will give you access to quick cash, save you from having to use  hidden notes and will also make it harder for thieves to steal lots of money at  once.


  • Have money and credit cards in different places  just in case some gets lost or stolen.
  • Have a decoy wallet that thieves can quickly  grab so as to detract attention from the real goods.
  • Keep your hands in your bag when taking out  money and don’t flaunt any ‘wallets’ around.
  • Take money out of ATMs during the day and if  possible near a bank where security is heightened and management has access to  the machine just in case your card gets captured.
  • Keep the bulk of your cash in a secure and  preferably locked place back at your accommodation. This will allow you to walk  around with less worry and give you time to enjoy the sights that you came all  that way to see.

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