Female solo travellers on the rise

Enjoy a hot stone massage in the serenity of Bali. Image: Bliss Sanctuary for Women

With today’s women being more independent than ever, it’s no surprise that solo female travellers are on the rise. According to lastminute.com.au, 50% of Australian women have already taken advantage of their opportunities and have travelled alone, with almost two-thirds even venturing overseas. Gustytraveler.com have found that 84% of women travelling alone were between 31 – 55, and that women will spend $125 billion on travel in 2013.

Increased financial assets and more luxurious ‘girls weekends’ away are said to be some of the driving forces for this booming market, as well as women extending their business trips with a holiday at the end of the trip.

This lucrative market has seen an increase of 230 per cent in women-only companies in the past six years.

Bliss Sanctuary for Women is just one of such companies that caters specifically to women, offering a male and children free retreat in Bali. Started by Australian Businesswoman Zoë Watson after she found her solo trip to Bali to be more of a chore, with all the organising and safety concerns, than a relaxing holiday, Bliss Sanctuary for Women caters for women from all walks of life who need a little time to reconnect and revive with daily massages and spa treatments, all meals (snack included!) and personal drivers incorporated into their packages.

Will you be taking a solo trip this year?

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