How to spend a day in Ancona, Italy

Below is how I would spend a day in Ancona.

Click on the Google Maps link under the map below and add your hostel/hotel as the final destination to help you orient yourself.

This information is correct at the time of writing (February 2013).

If you have a suggestion on what else to do, a place to stay or somewhere nice to eat, please leave a comment!


Click on the link to view this itinerary in Google Maps:


Attraction: Calamo’s Fountain (Fontana del Calamo)

Google Maps Address: Fontana del Calamo, Piazza Roma, 60100 Ancona, Italy

Description: A 16th Century fountain with interesting and amusing sprouts.

10 minute walk to next location 


Attraction: National Archaeological Museum of the Marche Region (Museo Archeologico Nazionale delle Marche)

Google Maps Address: Archeologico Nazionale, Via Gabriele Ferretti, 1, Ancona, Italy

Description: The archaeological museum features frescoes and artefacts dating back to the Bronze and Neolithic ages.

5 minute walk to next location


Attraction: Ancona Cathedral (Cattedrale di Ancona)

Google Maps Address: Ancona Cathedral, Piazzale del Duomo, 60121 Ancona, Italy

Description: Great views of the port as well as a beautiful historic site. 

10 minute walk to next location


Attraction: Theatre of the Muse (Teatro delle Muse)

Google Maps Address: Teatro delle Muse, Piazza della Repubblica, 1, 60121 Ancona, Italy

Description: Look at the architectural structure of the theatre or perhaps even catch a show.

2 minute walk to next location


Attraction: Santa Maria della Piazza

Google Maps Address: Santa Maria della Piazza, Piazza Santa Maria, ., Ancona, Italy

Description: A church dating back to the 11th/12th Centuries with fantastic Romanesque architecture.

15 minute walk to next location


Attraction: Omero Tactile Museum of Ancona (Museum Tattile Statale Omero Ancona)

Google Maps Address: Museum Tattile Statale Omero Ancona, Mole Vanvitelliana Banchina G. da Chio 28, 60121 Ancona, Italia

Description: A museum where you can touch the art – it was primarily built so that the blind could appreciate sculptures.

5 minute walk to next location


Attraction: Lazzaretto

Google Maps Address: Mole Vanvitelliana, Banchina Giovanni da Chio, 28, 60121 Ancona, Italy

Description: A building that stands on an artificial island that holds many cultural events.

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