Bound Round App

BR1Bound Round, created to keep the kids entertained and help parents stay sane on that rare and long-awaited for escape.

Part toy box, part educational device (shhh!), this interactive travel guide helps kids get excited and involved in the holiday planning process as they discover the different locations and activities available at their next destination.

BR2The app also contains videos by kids, who talk about having fun on location as well as discounts for kid-friendly places.

Best of all, once the app and the location guides are downloaded, internet is no longer required so kids can fill out their travel diaries and relive the memories on those long flights home.


Free from the App Store.

Destination guides are an additional AU$7.49.

BR3Available On


Why We Love It

The journal and ‘passport’ are fantastic ways to keep kids excited about their adventures as well as get them into the habit of keeping a travel diary.

Lost in Translation

This app is very new so there are a limited amount of destination guides, however once Bound Round gets a little more momentum we are sure to see these interactive guides captivate kids visiting all kinds of cities around the world.

Designed For

Kids aged +5

We Rate It

10/10! Travelling with kids has never been so quiet! I mean entertaining… for the kids that is….

Digging it or tossing it? Let us know what you think of the App.

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