Seal rides with crowd onboard Tangalooma Express

Lucky onlookers watch the seal’s journey to safer waters
Image: Tangalooma Island Resort

To obtain the description of ‘cute with a brain’ is difficult for most of us, however one seal swimming in the unlikely place of Moreton Bay seems to have been awarded this title.

Escaping from a shark that had already left its mark on the brave seal’s neck and back, the animal made the Tangalooma Express his getaway vehicle.

With the immediate danger evidently passing, the fury creature decided to entertain his onlookers by jumping on and off the back platform of the resort’s ferry and yes he did hear the applause that he so clearly deserved.

After being checked out by marine authorities, the seal was left to his own devises to continue his journey.

Before you book in for your next Indiana Seals adventure, Tangalooma marine biologist Ina Ansmann has warned that this is quite a rare sighting as seals are more common in the cooler waters of southern Australia as opposed to Queensland’s warmer ones.

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