Qantas passengers share a flight with a snake

The snake battles with the flying kangaroo. Image: Fairfax Media Vision: Robert Webber

There are some films that will never be shown for your in-flight entertainment; movies that involve a plane crashing or in a hostage situation are quite high on the list and ‘Snakes on a Plane’ is undoubtedly not too far behind.

Yet when some passengers were able to finally explore their selection of channels 20 minutes into a Qantas flight from Cairns to Port Moresby, others took a look to the left and discovered that nature had defied all laws that govern what is appropriate to watch at 35,000 feet.

The QF191 passengers were treated to a rare battle between man’s creation and snake as a three-metre python took to the skies on its wing.

Originally being nestled behind the wing for what surely began as an innocent Queensland nap, the snake was soon taken on an unexpected journey as it battled with 400km/h winds and minus 12 degree weather.

The front row viewers described how they watched the snake struggle throughout the 1.5 hour flight, along with the pilots who took turns in monitoring the effort of the snake who was whipped around the wing.

As the white Qantas wing began to see splashes of red, it was clear that the snake’s battle was all but over.

A Qantas spokesperson later stated that they had “never heard of this happening before”, whilst the president of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association, Paul Cousins, said that for the snake to be able to reach the cabin, would have been impossible, which perhaps explains the lack of panic on the early morning flight.

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